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The mission of CityRevive is to highlight the many innovations that advance our wondrous cities. It’s about bold ideas and creative solutions – and those who dare to pull them off. It’s about the gutsy and remarkable, which doesn't always have to be about the expensive or super high tech.

You will be inspired by the stories of cities of all sizes that are innovating with meaningful impact. I will share with you how they’re cultivating economic investments, repurposing the stagnant into the vibrant, elevating the lives and work environment of their citizens, fostering equitable balances within their communities and much more..

As we muscle through this unparalleled and trying time, innovations in policy, funding, budgeting and economic development will emerge. CityRevive will be there to cover it.

We will come back shaken yet enriched. Revived but changed.

CityRevive will give you the insightful, informative news you need to help you navigate the new world. Now more than ever information sharing is vital. Please call or email me with important innovations happening in your city, especially as it pertains to the emergence from this crisis.

Whether you are a city leader or a resident, I want to hear about innovations in your city. Talk to me at

Meet Pauline Armbrust

I am very excited to be covering cities and counties to highlight the creative ideas smart leaders bring to life. The passion and determination they have to better the lives of their citizens is moving and inspiring.

I am the founder and former CEO of Airport Revenue News (ARN), a monthly magazine which my team and I published for almost 20 years before the company sold in 2011. I launched ARN because airports and the businesses operating within them needed to hear about new ideas at a time of change and learn about successful resolutions to daunting challenges. It was an editorial model that contributed to the success of an industry undergoing an evolution.

My hope is to use this editorial approach in CityRevive (CR) and to inspire readers to generate new ideas and innovations in their own cities through its content. I also anticipate you will get to know other city leaders better, gaining insight into their thought processes on how and why they did what they did, as well as details on the end result.

It is a thrill to be writing about the creative genius that happens when cities are pressed to make changes to solve old and new problems. I want to become engaged with every city, large and small, to learn about innovations taking place therein, and to share these stories with all CityRevive readers.

I look forward to hearing from you and writing about the exciting, innovative projects in your city! Talk to me at

Happy Reading!